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“I got those piggy bug mutation blues…”

The feverish media response to the recent ‘swine flu’ outbreak inspired me to make this little comedy number the other week. After posting it on YouTube, I noticed there were already a few other videos entitled ‘Swine Flu Blues’, so now I’m thinking of changing the title to ‘Piggy BugĀ  Blues’ instead [edit: done]. If you like it, please rate it on YouTube (you can now sign in with a Google account). Also, it’s up on (here), too – so if it makes you laugh, I’d really appreciate a ‘funny’ vote there as well – thanks. (Geeks among you may also be interested to know I made the backing track using the iPhone app ‘Band’, from MooCowMusic.)


“My Perfect Present” – a musical thank-you for Tomy Air Guitar

Well, here’s a Flickr video of me performing a short pastiche song I knocked up last night to say thank you to my friends Stuart and Nadia, who brought me back a Tomy Air Guitar* from Japan for my birthday. It’s quite the best musical toy I’ve had the pleasure of playing since the Stylophone, and really is pretty versatile.

It can handle major and minor chords plus sevenths, arpeggio and capotasto, although the positioning of some of the buttons makes for quite tricky fingering – and it only seems to have one octave, which is also pretty limiting.

As you can see from the video, the instrument does have the disadvantage of stripping the player of all dignity by making it appear one is engaged in a frenetic act of onanism. That said, it could have great potential for live comic performance – although responsiveness seems to be affected by the lighting conditions, so I’m not sure how it would fare on a pub stage.

The video was recorded early this morning before work – hence the blurry-eyed demeanour (I’m not a morning person). Apologies for the shaky “singing” (if you can call it that) and fumbled chord changes. And even bigger apologies to the Undertones, from whose “My Perfect Cousin” I, ahem, ‘liberally borrowed’.

N.B. The out-of-synch audio-video seems to be a problem with the Flickr transcoding – nowt I can do about it, I’m afraid.

* Apparently, these will be on sale in the UK from June, priced at around 15 quid.

[Edit: embedded YouTube version now below]


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