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Uncle Disgusting

Me performing one of my old comic odes, “Uncle Disgusting”. Be warned: it is as tasteless and gross as I could make it, so don’t view if you’re offended by that sort of thing. Apologies for the poor audio quality – dunno what’s up with my webcam mic, but I’ll sort it out as soon as I can and post a higher-quality version.

Incidentally, the poem is licensed under a Creative Commons non-commercial/attribution/sharealike licence. If anyone wants to do something funky like animate/illustrate it, let me know and I’ll make you a high-quality mp3 of the audio to work with.

Next up, I’ll be posting a more recent (and better) ode of mine, “Donna McGonagall” – a dark, grotesque, comic fable on the perils of plastic surgery (again CC-licensed).


The Blognoscenti – A Geek Ode: “We twitter and flitter from Barcamp to FOWA…”

We twitter and flitter from Barcamp to Fowa,
A hive-mind of hackers and Mac-packing geeks;
Our lappies and APIs are portals to power,
For these ones aren’t zeroes or whackos and freaks.

We’re makers, reshapers of base-board connections,
With open intention, invention and verve,
Posting and coasting in countless directions,
Paving the wave that’s creating the curve.

We’re reading O’Reillys on jailbroken iPhones,
Talking of Tedsters and web two-point-O;
Spreading and threading like underground rhizomes
Growing the future – for we’re in the know.

Link to MP3 file

This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.


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