Since 2001, I’ve been a freelance technology and business writer, commentator and consultant. I’ve written news articles, features and analysis pieces for a variety of UK magazines, newspapers and online services (including “The Guardian”, “Computing” and “Computer Weekly”), as well as working as a business writer, consultant and analyst with private clients, including IT leaders’ forum CIO Connect.

Before going freelance, I was editor of “Business & Technology” magazine, a forward-thinking UK monthly that looked at emerging tech and business trends. We were among the first publications to discuss such ideas as the coming of the ‘semantic web‘, the growth of open source software, the rise of flexible online working and the imperative of corporate social responsibility.

Although I often write about (and am fascinated by certain aspects of) technology in business, I am not a traditional businessperson. I’m my own boss, I work from home using the technologies I want to use, embrace online life to the full and pursue a wide variety of other interests in my personal life. These include (but aren’t limited to) writing and performing comic/satirical verse and songs; creating humorous audio cutups and bootleg remixes; tinkering with computer music and synths; occasional cartooning and photoshoppery; amateur magic; supporting Internet freedom and digital civil liberties; enjoying comedy / the surreal / animation / comics / art / science / philosophy / word games / cycling; learning new things; musing on the social and creative potential of new technologies. My geek credentials go back some way. My first computer was a ZX81 and at age 14 I co-wrote a book on adventure programming for the ZX-Spectrum which, bizarrely, is listed at Amazon despite being long out of print.

I live in London, UK, with my wife, two young children and three cats.


1 Response to “Who am I?”

  1. 1 Jessica Twentyman 19 August 2010 at 12:18 am

    Hey Jim
    I know we’ve only met briefly in the past, but my erstwhile colleague Kenny MacIver recommends you highly and I’m needing to commission some work with relatively short notice to some top-quality people, ie next week. But failing that, there’s another report coming up in the next few weeks that I think you might want to be involved with. Anyway, if you’re interested in some new reports I’m working on in the areas of flexible working and cloud security, can you drop me a line asap at
    Best wishes

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